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Happy 2021 New Year



Dear all students,



The year changes and a new chapter has been unveiled. At the special time of 2021 New Year Eve, all the faculty from School of International Education sincerely extend our best wishes to each of you and your family!



The year 2020 must be unforgettable. It is filled with difficulties, challenges, joys and tears. All the teachers appreciate your understanding, support and efforts during the pandemic spread. These scenes would often flash back in our memories, we’ve started to wear masks together, take different courses online inside the dorm building together, watch the movies in meeting room together, and try the different foods together in National Day holiday’s food festival, etc. At the same time, we understand you’ve met the difficulty of visiting your families due to the cancellation of flights, but we are delighted to see, you encourage each other, help each other, and overcome difficulties with each other.



If winter comescan spring be far behindIn year 2021, we will continue with the belief of Life First, strictly manage to prevent the pandemic and ensure all your safety, thoughtfully care each of you for a better life and study here. We hope every of you, first to make a new year’s resolution in study and try to achieve it, second to send your greeting to your family and friends, and lastly continue to strictly abide by the regulations, especially regarding pandemic control and safety management.



Again, we sincerely wish all students and your family Happy 2021 New Year, good health and every success!




All teachers, School of International Education


                                      December 31, 2020



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