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留学生指南/ International Students Guide

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1. 项目/ Programs

   Chinese Language & Literature Program: 1-2 years

   Chinese History Program : 1-2 years

   Chinese Language Training Program: 4 weeks to1 semester, 20 hours/week

2. 入学条件/Admission Requirements: With an education equivalent to that of senior high school in China, aged under 55, in good health

3.  入学方式/Application Instructions

   STEP 1. Send the following to the Foreign Affairs Office at FNU: a completed application form, application fee, and a physical examination form.

   STEP 2. FNU will send a pre-acceptance letter indicating: the program to which you have been accepted and any condition of your acceptance.

   STEP 3. Send fees for your first semester of study and your program selection plan.

   STEP 4. FNU will send an official letter of acceptance.

   STEP 5. Apply to the nearest Chinese Embassy for a student visa.

4. 费用/ Program Fees


Chinese Language & Literature/ History Program
annual tuition: US$1,700/1,800
beginning : February; September

Chinese Language Short-term Programs
one semester, US$800, beginning: February, September
8 weeks, US$450, beginning: February, September

6 weeks, US$350, beginning: July
5 weeks, US$300, beginning: July
4 weeks, US$250, beginning: July

 2Application Fee: US$50         3Registration Fee: US$15

(4) Rates for school housing: US$3-10 ( per day per person)

5. 生活条件/ Living Conditions

   On-campus Residence facilities provide rooms with access to hotel-like services and equipped with TV, phone, air-conditioning, and private bathroom. The cost for meals for one person is US$1.5-3 per day at the dining halls or other restaurants on the campus. There is also a clinic, a bank office, a post-office, a supermarket, and a laundry on the campus. The sports facilities on the campus include playgrounds for basketball, volleyball, soccer, and table-tennis; a swimming pool, and a gymnasium.

6. 毕业/Graduation and Completion of Study

   Corresponding certificates will be given upon fulfillment of the required credits.


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