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Apply for Work Permit Notification of China for Foreign Teachers

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Documents for applying for Work Permit Notification of China


The Work Permit Notification of China is one of the two official documents required by every Embassy or Consulate of China when apply for a WORK VISA, the other is Letter of Invitation issued by Yangtze Normal University


  1. How to apply?


    First, International Affairs Office need these documents to apply online. (Online application can be approved 5 work days after all documents meet requirements)

    Second, after approved online, Int’l Office will send paper copies of these documents to apply. Most of the documents shall be sent from employee’s home country. Then the Notification can be issued within 5 work days and be sent to employee via email.




Specific requirements



Application   form of Work Permit Notification

Need   employee’s full resume

Int’l Office


Reference   Letter

žMust   be ORIGINAL COPY with letterhead and signature;

žMust   be issued by last employer;

žFor   language teacher, must have 2 years’ teaching experience;

žNeed   Chinese translation.



Highest   Diploma

žMust   be ORIGINAL PHOTOCOPY with Notarization on its back (issued by China Embassy   or Consulate);

žNeed   Chinese translation sealed by translation company



No-Criminal   Record

žMust   be issued by police in employee’s home country, and must be notarized by   China Embassy or Consulate in the home country;

žNeed   Chinese translation sealed by translation company



Medical   Report


žIf   outside mainland China, please find the qualified hospital on China Embassy   or Consulate’s website; if in mainland, please go to provincial Health Care   Center for International Travel



Contract   of Employment

With   specific start and end date in Chinese and English languages

School of the Employee



Need   photocopy of passport and China visas (if have)




Need   e-version photo for certificate use



Documents   for Accompanying Families (if the family don’t work in China)

žPhotocopy   of passport

žRelationship   Certificate, its notarization by China Embassy and Chinese translation sealed   by translation company


žMedical   report for families over 18 years old.



  1. How long can I get a work visa of China?


    Usually around 3 months:


    +time to prepare reference letter

    + to do medical exam

    + to prepare no-criminal record

    + to notarize no-criminal record and highest diploma (several days)

    + Int’l Office to apply online (5 work days)

    + employee to deliver ORIGINAL COPIES of reference letter, notarized diploma and no-criminal record, medical report to China by post (1-2 weeks)

    + Int’l Office to submit original copies (5 work days).


    After all those procedures, Int’l Office will email the e-version of Work Permit Notification for employee to apply Work Visa of China.


  2. Contacts

    Seven, Ferris, +86 23 7279 1858, international@yznu.cn


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